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In certain situations where a party is in imminent fear of harm, the General Statutes have provided a mechanism for emergency relief. Known as a 46b-15 Restraining Order, this process can allow the court to enter temporary emergency orders that the court deems appropriate for the protection of the applicant and any dependent children. The orders may include temporary child custody or visitation rights and can enjoin the other party from:
  1. imposing any restraint upon the person or liberty of the applicant;
  2. threatening, harassing, assaulting, molesting, sexually assaulting or attacking the applicant; or
  3. entering the family dwelling or the dwelling of the applicant, generally known as an order for exclusive use.
This relief is temporary only and may be issued ex parte, meaning before the other party is even aware that there is any issue in court. The temporary orders are valid for 14 days, after which time a hearing must be held to determine whether the orders should continue for a longer period of time.
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